Does Your REALTOR® Possess A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Designation?

Dated: February 15 2023

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The SRES designation is a certification program created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for real estate professionals who specialize in working with senior clients. The program is designed to equip these professionals with the knowledge, insight, and understanding necessary to successfully assist senior clients with their real estate needs.

The SRES designation requires completion of an educational course that covers topics such as the unique needs and concerns of senior clients, the various types of senior housing options, and how to effectively work with senior clients. In addition to completing the course, SRES designees must also pass an exam and commit to adhering to a code of ethics and standards of practice specific to working with senior clients.

Having an SRES designation provides seniors with the assurance that they are working with a real estate professional who has a thorough understanding of their needs and concerns. It also ensures that the real estate professional is well-prepared to handle the specifics of a senior real estate transaction.

For real estate professionals, the SRES designation can be a valuable tool for expanding their client base. It demonstrates their commitment to providing quality service to senior clients, and can help them stand out from the competition.

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