Know Your REALTOR®: Agent Spotlight Featuring Jacqueline Bell

Dated: August 2 2023

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Jacqueline Bell is a well-distinguished, yet equally humble real estate expert who has dedicated over two decades to honing her skills and knowledge in this dynamic and evolving landscape. Jacqueline's specialized services radiate throughout the vibrant locales of South Padre Island and the Lower Rio Grande Valley, where one of her undeniable strengths is her bilingual proficiency which empowers her to seamlessly cater to a diverse, international clientele, enriching her professional journey while also exceeding her client’s expectations with unique manifold experiences.

Although Jacqueline credits her fruitful association with NextHome on the Coast to the congenial ambience of its South Padre Island-based location, it was ultimately the supportiveness and laid back knowledge-rich environment provided by her colleagues that played a decisive role in Jacqueline's decision to begin her journey at NextHome on the Coast, a sanctuary where she has found her heart’s calling in helping others confidently secure their dream homes and investment properties for many years to come.


While Jacqueline's kindred devotion to her clients and warmhearted nature are just a few of many such admirable cornerstones of her professional career, Jacqueline's unwavering dedication to continuous learning ensures that she stays ahead of the curve in an industry that is as ever-changing as it is demanding. It is this testament that not only speaks volumes about Jacqueline's passion, character and commitment to the local community, but moreover, embodies the essence of what it truly means to be a professional realtor at NextHome on the Coast.

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